Guided meditations


“Until I met secular meditation, my heart was narrow, my ego still very present and my vision on … the world was limited.

And I realized that no one, even my worst enemy, could hurt me more than my mind if he was not trained, yes trained.

Train to cross the line … of self-criticism, conditioning, fears, automatisms, you know, those of judging without listening, of reacting rather than of answering, of confusing strength and power, in short avoiding us being intelligent robots.

Let’s face it, often we are on autopilot … The success of our actions as agents of change does not only depend on what we do, but on the inner place from which we operate in “the present”.

Guided meditations, offered here, are there to help us integrate that particular state of consciousness that is the Mindfulness. (French speaking)

Petit Bambou


To discover on the app Petit Bambou my 8 meditations around the Digital Detox:

(French speaking meditations)

  • Les yeux saturés
  • Pilote automatique ou pleine présence ?
  • Déconnexion – Reconnexion
  • Main libre
  • Sur-connecté ça sent le grillé !
  • Lumière bleue ou sommeil d’or
  • In Real Life
  • Vacances digitales
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