The agitators

Coco Brac de la Perrière, founder

Executive Coach, advisor for CEO and management teams for more than 10 years, Coco is willing to facilitate and stimulate change.

Senior lecturer at ESCP, trainer, teacher, author and lecturer, she leads workshops on mindfulness in business and acts in situations of resource transformation. She focuses on developing well-being and performance in workplaces.

She is a confirmed MBSR instructor and organizes 4 cycles of 8 weeks per year, open to all. Avant-garde, she launched in 2015 the biggest Dinner in Silence and regularly animates Conf’Experiences around the Silence, the Digital Detox, mixing with agility Mindfulness meditation, opera singing, initiatory dance …

Annick Fière, trainer, coach in personal developement

Annick has been working for 28 years in business and for individuals. Trained in Canada, in NLP, hypnosis, inner dialogue, she is inspired by rituals, shamanism, and various movements in liberation dance.

In 2008 she founded the Initiatory Dance Academy and in 2012 a school of transmission

Annick conducts dance therapy sessions to accompany women with free and energetic movement in order to anchor their feminine power and to embody their place in the world.

In the process of healing a life-changing breast cancer, she chooses to heal with dance and convey joy.

In 2016, she organizes with Coco a Day in Silence combining meditation and initiatory dance.

Christopher Robert, CR Consulting

15 years of experience in coaching, always driven by the same requirement and the same passion.

His reason of being ? To be convinced of the differences of each one, to think of the personal as well as collective flourishing and to offer a lasting performance.

Diane, opera singer

From an early age, Diane is distinguished by her powerful voice in the choir of “Les Petits Chanteurs” where she enters at 7 years old.

Lyric lover, passionate about the transmission of pure musical emotion, she is interested in the therapeutic aspect of the voice, the very archaic foundations of its resonances. She experiences and develops care through singing, self-exploration, and creates a bond where the capacity of ordinary human exchange seems to be lost.

The practice of listening in full awareness that it offers to live to the guests, allows them to reconnect deeply to themselves, to refocus thanks to a unique experience developed with Coco Brac de la Perrière.

Nathalie Jalenques, founder of BeOtop, catalyst of wellness

Seeker head since 2005 in the field of wellness, her purpose is to provide concrete, fast and effective solutions to employees in their workplace so that they become actors in their health. To make one want to take care of oneself, to make feel that we have everything in us to go well, that is what animates her daily! Her core business: the design of revitalization spaces in a flash time using innovative and effective technologies such as the first armchair to learn to breathe, meta-relaxation glasses for turbot naps … patented solutions, and medical standards … with the Bulle (the Bubble), launched in March 2017! An innovative concept, a response to the problems of burnout and stress in the company that moves to employees.

Coco Brac de la Perrière was one of those who supported the “Bulle” project at the outset.

Nicolas CASSAR, kitchen chef

Since the first Dinner in Silence organized by Coco, Nicolas introduces guests to gourmet and fragrant dishes, alliances of tastes and amazing textures, fully participating in the proposed experience of the 5 senses.

Malek A. BOUKERCHI : from the philosophical tale to the kilometric accounts

Speaker-expert in relational intelligence and cooperative dynamics, parabolic storyteller transmitting commitment values and ultra-marathoner of the extreme, Malek defines himself as a “watchman-weaver of dreams” in all his identities: It is the art of making reality fertilize by the wonder of all the possibilities …

“My practice of ultra-distance in extreme conditions (running in deserts all over the world over distances of more than 1000 km) is a kind of “dynamic yoga in full consciousness of the body embodied in the permanent effort”. I juggle in my breath and breath race between concentration & dispersion

= permanent concentration-attention to the body, breath, heart, gestures and stride …

= and at the same time, know how to disperse and appreciate the landscapes crossed, the melody of wind and sounds to ventilate the mind and forget the body that suffers at times obviously … There is so much joy to feel the body live, vibrate.

To run is to meditate on the control of oneself, on the pains, on the joys, it is to pose in a silent and vocal way during the effort, the nature of the will of the acting ego.

The ultra-marathon through the controlled breath is an ode to find the paths of patience, effort and cultivate an ethic of tenacity. All of these ingredients are useful in my “dream weaver” craft practice where it’s also about demonstrating a joyous tenacious ethic.

To know how to breathe, to aspire and to inspire successes in the world of work, is to allow ordinary people to do extraordinary things and to realize that at every moment, the poetry of the universe, of the meeting , knowing how to work and live together are within our reach of … look and breath of joy.

And to succeed, it is a question of breathing fully in discernment and constant agility! In other words, the ultra-marathoner and the storyteller-anthropologist in relational intelligence that I am, today preaches to everyone to “breathe-flourish” = breathing + flourish in full consciousness, gives the new verb “Breathe-Flourish”, challenge of the constrained world of the world of work …”

Sandrine SENES, author and actress

Sandrine has for a long time written and played her “Seule en scène (Alone on stage)” plays in Paris, across France or in French-speaking countries. In 2004 she became author of series for television. She has participated in the writing, among others, of “Faites comme chez vous (Make yourself at home)“, “Scènes de ménages (Domestic disputes)“, “The Bougon” and (very recently) “Les ravis de la crèche (The delights of the nursery)“, “Vous les femmes (You, women)” and “La petite histoire de France (The little history of France)”.

From time to time she becomes an actress in series that she writes. In November 2016 came out her first book, “Je regarde passer les chauves (I’m watching the bald),” portraits of strangers met in the subway at Editions Quadrature.

“I am only at the beginning of my encounter with mindfulness meditation and I can already see what it is transforming on me. More presence in the moment, so more concentration and efficiency. Less anxiety about time passing and a much stronger creativity.

I am convinced that meditation in business is essential to defuse conflict “

Marc de Laménardière - Film director, entrepreneur, speaker

Graduated from business school, Marc started his career in New York as a business developer at Danone. Following an accident and the intensive viewing of anxiety-provoking documentaries, he decides to launch with his childhood friend Nathanaël Coste an inspiring road movie on the theme of change. They together form the Kamea Meah structure to produce the film “En quête de sens (In Quest of Senses)” in crowdfunding and then distribute it on a collaborative mode, in short circuit. Beyond its enthusiasm in the field (150,000 attendees in movie theatres, 500 associations mobilized) and innovation in the field of documentary broadcasting, En quête de sens wins more than 12 awards in France and internationally.

Upon his return in France, Marc is involved in several organizations related to solidarity, environment and societal transition (Colibris Movement / Free Voice, TEDx). In August 2016, he took part alongside Fréderic Lopez (Broadcaster and producer in French TV and radio) in the creation of the daily show “Mille et un vies (Thousand and one lives)” on France 2 channel, where he acts as a director / columnist on the theme of inspiring initiatives and life changes.

Since the beginning of 2017, he has dedicated himself to creating a place / space of inspiration around agriculture, self-knowledge and societal innovation for entrepreneurs, artists and change-makers.

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