Choose between knowing (CONSULTING), know-how (TRAINING),
know-how-to-be (COACHING), and being (EXPÉRIENCES)

That's what the Mindful Leadership Lab offers:

The creation of the world of tomorrow involves challenging the traditional practices of leadership and power, particularly in the corporate world. The key ? Link the 3 poles: leadership / internal transition / environmental awareness. A complex task in a global economy in full mutation, disruption, where time is measured today in Internet seconds.

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Executive Coach, advisor for leaders and management teams, I facilitate and stimulate change. Senior lecturer at ESCP, trainer, teacher, author and speaker, I lead workshops on mindfulness in business and act in situations of resource transformation. Coco Brac de la Perrière

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I believe that today, we must not be make a mistake about crisis: it is mostly human. The world of work is full of "burn victims", it is always a bullfight before our ego lets enter goodwill, sweetness. I am convinced that humanism and performance are inseparable for lasting success in a new positive economy, it is the "quality of being" of the leaders of tomorrow, which companies need to "do differently" today.

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Mindful Digital Detox


Coaching de CEO et d'équipes

Coco Brac de la Perrière

Author of "Lâcher prise sans laisser tomber" (Letting go without dropping) at Editions Fayard 2015, and of "Tout est sérieux mais rien n'est grave" (Everything is serious but nothing is significant) at Editions Mazarine 2017, organizer of the largest dinner in Silence and Mindfulness of France,, speaker and executive coach, she works in resource transformation situations.


Senior lecturer at ESCP Europe on leadership, trained in mindfulness in the United States, she spent three years on mission in Burma and teaches mindfulness at work.


Convinced that the hyper-connection is changing our relational modes and that the first pathologies reveal an unprecedented stake: The control of our digital uses, she organizes "Digital Detox" workshops.


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