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As leaders, we are responsible for creating environments in which our colleagues are nurtured and energized. Our organizations need more than ever to innovate and flourish by respecting and supporting its members. A complex task in a global economy in full mutation, disruption, where time is measured today in Internet seconds. Our minds are too often distracted by urgency at the expense of the important and we are so concerned about yesterday and tomorrow that we are no longer able to be leaders in the present.

Mindfulness @Work has programs tailored to the specificities of the company.

Our intention : To provide a secure environment for exploring mindfulness practices directly applicable to the professional setting.

The most serious medical and scientific studies confirm the effects of stress on the mental and physical health of individuals (especially burnout and depression).

Other studies on workplaces show an acceleration of the negative consequences of stress on business activity and efficiency.

And the cost is… huge and measurable.


The benefits of Mindfulness @Work: Scientific research has established that a regular meditative practice improves concentration, memorization, creativity, resistance to stress, a positive outlook, a willingness to act with kindness towards oneself and others … Emotional skills are not innate but acquired. Thus, it can be learned and developed.

– As an individual:

  • Better management of one’s inner states, impulses and intimate resources.
  • Improved concentration and memory.
  • Easy communication.
  • Listening developed, better interaction with third parties.
  • Activated creativity, greater autonomy in missions.
  • Increased motivation around emotionally apprehended goals in addition to rational level.
  • Ability to induce desirable reactions in others.

– For the team:

  • Fluid communication through better listening within the group
  • Increased empathy among group members.
  • Greater cohesion and motivation.
  • Increased group efficiency.


Take the test to appreciate your degree of mindfulness:


To initiate yourself to mindfulness meditation, there are several possibilities:

  • Organize a presentation of Mindfulness in 2H Conf’experience format, in your company
  • Join an « Open Mindful » program, to take the first steps in mindfulness and start peacefully in a flexible, simple and open program
  • Set up « MBSR » programs in your organization, an 8-session program for a closed group to develop the  » authentic being » while reducing stress
  • For leaders, join the « Mindful Leadership » program, alternating individual and group coaching
  • Suggest a Mindful Digital Detox of 3H or during a day
  • Dare to plunge into a moment of ODASS (Opera Dinner in Silent Wise Learners)
  • Mindfulness journey tailored to the issues and objectives of transformation targeted


Many companies integrate meditation because they have understood the benefit of a more benevolent communication, more respectful relationships where ego takes up less space, leadership in strength and not power, empowerment of each of us where we will choose to respond rather than react, where we develop new skills and competencies to cope with stress, a more global well-being and therefore a more balanced and fluid performance.

I followed the 2 training courses below:

MBSR Instructor courses – MBSR Qualified Instructor Level

Led by the Center For Mindfulness teams where the MBSR program was created by Jon Kabat-Zinn, the MBSR Professional Instructor Training course aims to train instructors able to convey the program with respect for its integrity and depth. It spans several years and calls for a lasting and daily commitment in the practice of Mindfulness.

Mindfulness Instructor courses – Accredited Level

In order to be able to offer formats adapted to different contexts, organizations (Company, Association, etc.) and public, I also followed a professional course of one year entitledProfessional Mindfulness Teacher Trainingproposed by Martin Aylward & Mark Coleman, founders of the  Mindfulness Training Institute. Mark Coleman is also teacher at the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute.


I am also accredited by the Mindfulness Training Institute to deliver the  SIT-Mindfulness – Six-week Introductory Training to Mindfulness program in the workplace.



Every year I attend one or two meditation retreats in silence for 5 to 10 days as well as seminars to deepen certain aspects of my practices.

  • coaching MBSR-pleine-conscience-mindfulness-coco brac de la perriere

Our Mindfulness @work modules

These modules enter into training agreements

MBSR @Work

8 weeks






2 H



2 or 3 D


open mindful workshop

2 H

initiation mindfulness- coaching MBSR-pleine-conscience-mindfulness-coco brac de la perriereinitiation mindfulness- coaching MBSR-pleine-conscience-mindfulness-coco brac de la perriere

mindfulness initiation

2 H



1 H 25

Pleine conscience ou mindfulness par Coco Brac de la Perrière
Le dîner en silence, une expérience autour des 5 sens grâce à la pleine conscience (mindfulness)
La digital detox améliore les performances de vos salariés