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Because we talk a lot about energy for the climate, but what about our own energy?


We live in a period that is both tragic and sublime because it gives us the opportunity to achieve our utopia of being, between personal project and collective destiny.

The history of humanity is suspended on this question “What do we want to do during ” our lifetime “? Our happiness, too.

The creation of the world of tomorrow involves challenging the traditional practices of leadership and power, particularly in the corporate world. The key? Link the 3 poles: leadership / internal transition / environmental awareness.


A complex task in a global economy in full mutation, disruption, where time is measured today in Internet seconds. Our minds are too often distracted by urgency at the expense of what is important, and we are so concerned about yesterday and tomorrow that we are no longer able to be leaders in the present.

We need, often in bulimic way, to fill the physical space, but also the hearing and visual space with the screens, source of disconnection to oneself and to the essential. Hyperconnection becomes a major reason for our disconnection from us, others, and a shift towards burnout.

What if burn-out, withdrawal and the need for the senses were symptoms of a renunciation of oneself, of one’s values, of one’s power of life?

The digital revolution begins with the internal revolution.

Because Internet is also the interconnection of the billions of individuals of the Earth, directly or indirectly which allows the exchange of information as well as the diffusion of the knowledge or personal information on the social networks.

This interconnection results in a radical change in human relationships.

How can we make peace in the world if we are in conflict in our own hearts?

All the ways of wisdom lead us to pacify ourselves, to know each other, to appease our paradoxes. Meditation, mindfulness, helps us explore the facets of ourselves.

Because there is no other way to change the world that to change oneself.

The Mindful Agitators

Initiated by Coco Brac de la Perriere, The Mindful Leadership Lab is a collective initiative that aims to bring together professionals for a better quality of life at work.

Executive coaches, personal development professionals, communication professionals, creatives, artists … all motivated by a common ambition: to take up faith in ourselves, to develop our leadership and our ability to lead teams towards success, by integrating in our daily life the Mindfulness Meditation … individually and / or professionally.

It is now scientifically proven, and every day an article presents new research in neuroscience that confirms it … our body and our mind have innate abilities which, being trained, make us more resistant, more flexible and agile … Among all these trainings, the Mindfulness is accessible to all, and can be adapted everywhere, at home, at work, allowing to cultivate and reinforce the capacities of our spirit.

The Mindful Leadership Lab collaborates with partners who are concerned with integrating into their professional practice the connection to oneself, others and the living. Depending on your expectations and needs, The Mindful Leadership Lab uses one or more professionals from its network to provide the best answer.

Discover the AGITATORS who participate in the Mindful Leadership Lab


We invent to get better … Because Quality of Working Life (QWL) is a key lever for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The Mindful Leadership Lab is full of ideas for combining quality of working life by strengthening leadership through interactive and creative workshops.


We organize for you, for your organization: retreats, team building, customized seminars, according to your objectives and your budget.

These “Business Retreats”, in whatever form they are built, offer participants a break from the times, a time needed to get back to the basics in order to understand the changes and transformation in the company, go back to simplicity by being refocused and reinforced from the inside.

All experiences of which we have the expertise can be used: Mindfulness, Digital Detox, Lunch in silence …

Our vision

The Mindful Leadership Lab is a sharing space. It is a transversality that is the only way to deal with current issues. It is a catalyst of ideas.

Our wish is to break the codes, to allow people who have never met, to speak and to exchange.

In the world in general and in business in particular, there is a need for change in the way of working and the meaning of work. Expectations change, on the products to be consumed as well as on the way of working. This awareness exists but we remain in a top/down logic while it would require a “bottom / up” logic.

Because it is possible to transform 21st century’s leadership by offering mindfulness meditation training:

  • To be in strength, not power
  • To be in the answer, not the reaction
  • To enable everyone to cultivate their ability to focus, see clearly, be creative
  • To have kind communication and to embody compassion
  • For all actors to become aware of the radical changes that are taking place, to understand this world and its transformation.

The Mindful Leadership Lab is also a platform for co-creating innovative projects at the crossroads of CSR, HR and the general public. The latest born: The Mindful Earth, 2 documentaries in writing, the Zen brigade …

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